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Volunteer Opportunities

The IWC is an organization run completely by volunteers. Without volunteers, IWC would cease to exist.


How can you get involved?

Join the IWC Board
Join an IWC Committee
Organize an event, tour, or club
Contribute to the Facebook group

The IWC Board

Joining the IWC Board is a great way to get involved, meet lots of interesting people, and learn or develop new skills.

In March's Quarterly General Meeting, the new Board for that year is formed.

If you are interested in joining the Board, look out for notices about the nominations in January.

descriptions of board Positions

IWC Committees

Joining an IWC committee is a great way to get involved but without as much of a continuing commitment as joining the Board. 

Committee members can choose what interests them and help the Board members plan, organize, and carry out events, fundraisers, and activities.

Email if you are interested.

Organize an Event, Tour, or Club

Is there somewhere you'd like to go?
Is there 
something you'd like to do?
Is there some club you wish you could join?

If there is, and the IWC doesn't already have it, then contact today. We are always looking for new ideas, and our Events team may be able to give you their full support in promoting yours.

Facebook Group Contributions

Have you traveled to some place interesting?
Have you participated in a neat local experience?
Have you read a great book?
Have you seen a fascinating film?
Have you eaten at an impressive restaurant?
Do you have a recipe that you'd like to share?

Please contact if you'd like to share a description or photos in the IWC Facebook group.

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