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our mission

The International Women’s Club of Mexico City is a social club and philanthropic organization established to improve the lives of English speakers in Mexico City. The IWC is a group for female expats and residents who are interested in meeting new people, participating in enriching activities, exploring Mexico, and helping their communities through service and donations.

IWC Club Bylaws

To download our bylaws click a document below.

Bylaws Cover Sheet Nov 2016

IWC Bylaws English Nov 2016

IWC Bylaws Spanish Nov 2016


about us

The International Women’s Club of Mexico City was founded in 1977 as the Newcomers’ Club of Mexico City, and its original intent was to assist newly arrived English-speaking expats. For decades, it functioned as a welcome wagon to smooth the transition and support foreigners during their years in Mexico City.

That goal of welcoming and assisting still exists in today’s IWC along with the club’s expanded purpose. Recent arrivals, temporary residents, and lifetime locals are all invited to join the IWC. English can be a native or foreign language for our members. The goal of the IWC is to make our members’ time in Mexico City more fulfilling.

We meet that goal by offering a variety of social events and service opportunities, by fostering friendships, and by providing experiences to become familiar with Mexico City’s history and culture. Thus we host events, organize tours, celebrate holidays, and serve as an information center for our members to negotiate life more easily in Mexico City. Whether you want to learn local customs, find a veterinarian for your pet, or just meet new friends, the IWC is the perfect resource for you.

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