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For most people, the first priority is to sink their roots down and get settled into their new home.  There are differences in managing a household in Mexico versus back home—for example, the question of having household help.  Although your friends and family back home may be envious that you now have the possibility of live-in household help, for some people, the everyday reality of having a stranger in your private space can also be an adjustment.  

Having household help, especially live-in household help, can be both a luxury and an adjustment for many newcomers.  A stranger living in your home can be a source of stress, especially given that they do not share either your language or cultural perspective.  Nonetheless, you will probably find that having a maid is a near necessity for life in Mexico City.  Aside from the practical convenience of having someone to clean the bathrooms and iron the clothes, it is crucial for your family's security to have someone in your home that you trust.  

Many basic services such as gas delivery and garbage collection cannot be accomplished without a responsible on-site party to receive the corresponding providers.  Even if you previously thought that you did not want household help, you may find that having one is indispensable in coping with the practical realities of everyday life in Mexico City.  

Success with your household help may simply come down to chemistry, plus your ability to clearly communicate what your expectations are.  Until they understand exactly what your preferences are, you may need to reinforce these expectations daily.  Another way may be to create a written schedule of her daily, weekly and monthly duties.  Just because in her last job she was expected to care for the fmaily pets does not mean that you are going to have her take Fido for a walk in the park twice a day.  It is your responsibility as the employer to itemize what her job entails.

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